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梅林Merlin固件R7000、EA6900、WS880 380.62最新版本发布下载

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R7000、EA6900、WS880 380.62最新版本发布下载


380.62 (23-Sept-2016)
   - NEW: Added nano 2.7.0 (user-friendly text editor)
          Note that for space reasons, some of its features are disabled
          for the RT-N66U and RT-AC66U.  Entware users might want to
          uninstall the Entware version if they had it installed and want
          to use the built-in version instead.
   - NEW: Option to toggle the display of passwords on the PPTPD and
          OpenVPN server pages.
   - NEW: Allow providing a vendor class on the WAN page (DHCP option 60)
   - NEW: Add option to disable sending a RELEASE request when odhcp6c
          exits, allowing you to retain your received prefix with some
   - CHANGED: Updated nettle to 3.2 (used for dnssec) and increased
              optimization level.
   - CHANGED: Updated minidlna to 1.1.6
   - CHANGED: Updated OpenVPN to 2.3.12
   - CHANGED: Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2i
   - CHANGED: Revamped the Wireless Log page:
                - Merged some columns to gain more horizontal space
                - Longer hostname shown (truncated names are now
                  shown in a tooltip)
                - Display clients' IPv6 if they have one
   - CHANGED: Accept up to 250 characters for OpenVPN client's
              username and password (one provider needs 64).
   - CHANGED: Hide the WPA key on the Wireless config page, and only
              reveal it when you click on the field to edit it.
   - FIXED: OpenVPN client shouldn't display policy routing settings
            when using a TAP interface.
   - FIXED: DSL/ATM overhead setting was visible on MIPS models, which
            don't support it.
   - FIXED: Editing OpenVPN or PPTP users with any value longer than
            32 chars could lead to corruption of the user list.
   - FIXED: Custom config file for igmpproxy wasn't working.
   - FIXED: After turning off a Guest network, the next visit to the
            Wireless Settings page would show that guest network's settings
            instead of the parent band settings (Asus bug)
   - FIXED: Smart Connect rules didn't apply on the RT-AC88U (backported
            fix from 380_3941).
   - FIXED: Numerous memory leaks in the networkmap service. (Asus bug)
   - FIXED: Potential buffer overrun in the networkmap service. (Asus bug)
   - FIXED: Broken IPv6 connectivity if enabling SSH brute force
            protection (only MIPS models were affected)
   - FIXED: 5G LED would fail to turn back on when exiting stealth mode.
   - FIXED: Only hostname was used as remote server in an exported
            OpenVPN client config when using Namecheap DDNS.
   - FIXED: Security vulnerability (XSS/CSR) in httpd (backported
            fix from 380_4005).
   - FIXED: Chrome would try to autofill some fields (such as on the
            DDNS configuration page), which could be problematic.
   - FIXED: IPTraffic database was no longer properly named after
            the router's MAC address on the AC88/AC3100/AC5300.
            If you recently enabled it, you will need to either
            re-create a new database, or rename the existing
            database from tomato_cstats_000000000000.gz to
            tomato_cstats_XXXXXXXXXXXX.gz, where "XXXXXXXXXXXX" is
            your MAC as found with "nvram get et2macaddr", in
            lowercase (AC88/AC3100/AC5300 only).

            Regular traffic monitoring (stored in
            tomato_rstats_XXXXXXXXXXXX.gz) is fine.


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